***ACF at the 2013 AGM voted in favour of recognition of the Mandalay, the Self coloured cat of Burmese type.
Soon our Bombays will be registered as Mandalay, but will be exactly the same cats. What does this mean for us?
It means our kittens in the other Full Expression colours can now be shown.
The Mandalay is a relatively new and rare breed, originlly created in New Zealand in response to the desire for a sleek
Burmese like cat in the darker and richer colours.  The  Mandalay is exactly like a Burmese. They are people loving,
shoulder riding, bed bugs and will play maniacally with a sock for hours. The  Mandalay  is only registered and shown
in the  Full Expression colours, however we often get Burmese coloured kittens as well, these are called Mandalay
also and are often referred to as VARIANTS,. The Self colour of the Mandalays is rich, dark, glamorous and a little
bit special.  With only the one breeder (us) in Victoria, you wont see too many of these cats around. .
Please look through our site and enjoy the many images of our beautiful cats, some taken here, and some in the
owners homes...............
One of our Mandalay Variants has become a big success on the show bench in Queensland as a Desexed
Companion. Princess Tabitha is a natural show performer and has a great temperament. She is a great
performer and we are very proud of her
Miamber Mocha Blitz is a Full Expression Chocolate Self Mandalay entire male , the Chocolate is a really rich warm
colour. Mocha has a very loving and outgoing personality, a trait we view as very important in this breed. He is also
a magniiificent example of the breed.
Many thanks to Blackglama Bailey and Blackglama Tias owners for these spectacular photos, showing the character
and personality of these two Mandalay  Variant kittens, taken at 13 weeks of age