Miamber Burmilla and Burmese
Incorporating Blackglama Australian Bombays
The Burmilla with its sparkling soft silver coat, gorgeous green eyes and "make-up"  is a special cat, created in the United
Kingdom almost 30 years ago, and now homegrown in Australia. In many ways much like one of its foundation breeds the
Burmese, the Burmilla can be a little less energetic and athletic but still people and fun loving. They do love a lap snuggle and
will happily learn to retrieve small toys, they are intelligent and quick to learn. You can see a video clip of one of our pet
Burmillas retrieving
here. Being a quiet and gentle breed, they are often not fond of a lot of noise and activity and will
quietly retire from your louder parties, they are also a "4 on the floor" breed, preferring to have their feet on something firm
that is not too high, like your lap! The Burmilla is ideal for apartment living, loving their comfort, they are strictly an
indoor breed only. The Burmilla comes in two coat lengths, shorthair and longhair, at Miamber we concentrate on breeding
the shorthair. This is a really special cat, still with very few registered breeders in Australia. Miamber Burmilla are all bred
from DNA PKD tested negative cats, we also routinely screen for FIV and FeLV.
Please look through our site and enjoy the many images of our beautiful cats, some taken here, and some in the owners
If you would like to learn more about the Burmilla I have a
Powerpoint presentation on the breed that you can download
There are many photos of our cats stored in my Face Book albums, click on
the links to see some of our cats
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Miamber Silver Magnolia
Miamber Silver Mischka